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No Decision About Us Without Us

We are a network of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities living in Surrey. Together we share our experiences and give feedback to bring about change to the services we use.

A group of 9 young people and one member of the SYAS staff are sat inside a room, around a conference table. They are all looking at the camera happily. There are drinks, snacks and pieces of paper on the table. On one wall there are star sticks and words that read: my conference.
ATLAS meeting in session! Pre-pandemic in person consultation work.

ATLAS stands for: Accept, Teach, Listen, Access, Support.

We chose these words to represent us as we feel they reflect our values and the work that we do. Previously, we were known as SYAS: SEND Youth Advisors Surrey.

Find out more about our name and story on the ‘About Us!‘ page.

Read more about our aims, priority areas and action cards to find out more about the important work that we do.

Join us for regular virtual meetings, socials, online surveys, blogs, social media content and events!

Cartoon drawing of three people talking using online video software. One square shows a person sitting with three circles at the bottom showing a mic icon, phone icon and video icon, mimicking online video software. She is facing to the left where two rectangles are shown. Each contains the upper half of a person listening.

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We regularly meet virtually via Zoom and have started to introduce more face-to-face sessions in line with Covid restrictions! For more information on how to get involved, please see our ‘Get Involved‘ page or contact us at ATLAS@surreycc.gov.uk.

Recent Blogs

My adoption story…

Beginnings… I was a baby when I was adopted. I was fostered to start with, but when I was 6 months old, I was adopted. I was a happy child and was given all the things a normal child would have been given in life. I enjoyed going to church and nursery and I felt […]

Learners’ Single Point of Access (L-SPA)

What is the L-SPA? The Learners’ Single Point of Access (L-SPA) offers help and support to children and young people within Surrey who have a problem, concern or needs about their development or progress. L-SPA offers help to anyone to the age of 25. What the L-SPA does L-SPA assures they will give children and […]


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