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“I spent so long in services that you start to just believe that they’re the only ones that can be right”

ATLAS is one of the participation groups run by the User Voice and Participation (UVP) Team at Surrey County Council.

The UVP Team empowers children and young people, their parents and carers to share their views and opinions about the services they use.

“Participation made the most difference to my journey, I was a selective mute & now I’m off to uni”

Professionals use your feedback to form a real understanding of what is and isn’t working in the services they provide in Surrey, including: health, social care, and education.

Participation helps young people build self-belief and develop the skills needed to become confident and independent.

For more information on all of the participation groups run by the UVP Team, please check out our Menu of Service 2020. Please note: This version still uses the old name for ATLAS, which was SYAS: SEND Youth Advisors Surrey. An updated version will be available soon.

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The ATLAS logo. Inside the outline of a bright orange circle there are 3 silhouettes of people drawn holding up a large bright orange circle. The silhouettes are drawn in a stylistic rather than realistic way with their arms raised up above they head towards the orange circle. On the left the silhouette is blue and on the right is the tallest silhouette which is yellow. In the middle is a purple silhouette in a wheelchair. Across the middle of the orange circle “ATLAS” is written in large font.

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