ATLAS Groups

Below you will find information about all current and upcoming ATLAS participation groups.

If you would like to join any of these groups, please contact us!

Regular ATLAS Sessions

The core ATLAS participation groups run on the first and third Wednesdays of each month:

ATLAS Virtual

The first Wednesday of each month sees ATLAS members meeting virtually on Zoom:

  • All members: 5 to 6:30pm
  • 18+ members only: 6:30 to 7pm

Sessions include information and updates about ATLAS work and opportunities for Young People to get more involved in participation work and get paid for their time as well as courses and events that members may want to attend!

Consultation work includes young person-led discussions, themes raised by the group and co-production work from professionals in Surrey, UK.

(Pets welcome!).

Three people sit around a table laughing and working together with laptops and a notebook.

ATLAS Hybrid

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month, members meet both in-person and virtually at the same time! Sessions take place in Woking and Epsom on alternative months.

In 2021, ATLAS members planned out monthly themes for these ATLAS sessions in their 2022 plan. Alongside these themes, members also have time to work on their campaigns:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Autism Awareness and Acceptance

This year’s sessions and themes:

  • January 19th – Woking: Our Disability/Disability Pride
  • February 16th – Epsom: LGBTQ+ Awareness Month
  • March 16th – Woking: Autism/disability awareness
  • April 20th – Epsom: Nation Pet Month/Assistance Animals
  • May 18th – Woking: Mental Health Awareness.
  • June 15th – Epsom: Tourette’s Awareness Month
  • July 20th – Social Outing: Canoeing and Kayaking!
  • August 17th – Epsom: Education and Employment
  • September 21st – Woking: Sign Language
  • October 19th – Epsom: Black History Month
  • November 16th – Woking: Anti-Bullying
  • December 21st – Christmas Party (Location TBC).

ATLAS Drop-In Sessions

Our chronic illness and looked after children (LAC) sessions are currently open to all young people from 10 to 25. These sessions alternate monthly:

ATLAS Chronic Illness

A group of young people, 10 to 25, with chronic illnesses meet bi-monthly on the last Thursday of the month, 5:30 to 6:30pm to discuss topics important to them!

Members can also take part offline through questionnaires and talking with staff at times that work for them.

ATLAS Looked After Children and Care Leavers

Every other month care-experienced young people, 10 to 25, with additional needs and disabilities meet on the last Thursday of the month, 5 to 6pm, to get their voices heard!

We are currently working towards hosting these sessions in children’s homes!