Get Involved!

If you would like to be involved in ATLAS, please get in touch. You can use our ‘Contact Us’ page or email us at: !

New members are always welcome! We will need you to fill in our online health and safety form before you can join. The information we collect is primarily for the purpose of keeping you safe, for example your emergency contact details and any allergies you may have for when we provide food during in-person events. We will not pass on information about you without your consent, unless we are worried about your safety. Read more on confidentiality, here.

“Let’s stand together and make a difference!”

After you complete our health and safety form, we will send you a unique Zoom link, ID and password! This will allow you to join us online every Wednesday at 5 to 7 pm, if you want to!

However! You do not have to attend the video calls to get involved! You can also get your voice heard through email, text, telephone calls, social media and our online surveys. Due to Covid-19, we are not currently running in-person sessions, but these will return when it is safe to do so!

Each week a consultation pack is made that contains that week’s ATLAS activities and consultation work. This can be emailed to you and is also available to download from the this website, here!

If you need these consultation packs provided in a different format, please contact us! We are here to help you get your voice heard!

Once you have been an active member for 3 weeks, you will become eligible for a free ATLAS Hoodie! Hoodies will be available in both pullover and zipped designs to make sure they are as accessible as possible to different needs.

Cartoon boy in a blue hoodie with the ATLAS logo on it.
More information

What is Participation?

Participation is a process which allows you to influence decision making to bring about change in the services that you use and your community! Learn more, here.


Overall, the principles behind confidentiality are about our right to privacy and respecting someone’s consent. However, there are times when sharing personal information is necessary, for example, to keep you safe. Read more.

What are Action Cards?

Action Cards are themes and topics that young people raise as important issues that need immediate action! Learn more about how they are used to bring about change, here!

About us!

Read more about who we are, what we do and the impact we have on individuals, communities and Surrey services, here.


“It’s great to know that there are professionals out there, on the other side of the table, knowing they are not judging, but understanding. They are trying to help get our voices heard so that we can have a better experience in the services we use.”

“ATLAS has helped me build friends, but not just in group, outside. It has given me confidence.”

“You don’t get stuff done until you talk to each other.”

“I think the staff are nice and the young people are nice too. You can really trust the staff and young people. It also keeps you busy in the week, so you know what you are doing on your timetable.”

“One of the difficulties with disabilities is that it can be very isolating, but you find out so much by networking with other people.”

“I think people really underestimate the impact that lived experience can have”

“Learn Skills, Make Friends, Gain Confidence.”