Virtual SYAS

The User Voice and Participation Team have gone virtual!

The User Voice and Participation team facilitate face-to-face participation groups as a platform for children and young people to have their voices heard.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the User Voice and Participation team are finding new ways to work and are continuing participation groups during self-isolation – we have gone virtual! How? Using Zoom, a video conferencing app!

Using Zoom, we are still able to keep in contact with each other and continue meaningful participation!

If you would like to be involved in Virtual SYAS make sure to contact us and we’ll send you a unique Zoom link, ID and password; this is to ensure we safeguard and keep your confidentiality safe!

Check out when our Virtual SYAS groups are:

SYAS – every Wednesday 3.30pm-5pm

Click on the document below to find out more how The User Voice and Participation Team has gone virtual!

What our SYAS members say about Virtual SYAS

“It’s nice to see our friends!”

“Keeping in contact gives us something to look forward to”

“We love SYAS every week!”

Have Your Voice Heard!